Dean Message

In order to promote, advance, and make a country succeed, it is necessary to get higher education to shape a developed society and guarantee the foundations of a prosperous life.

It is all because of the professional and quality education that the communities offer academic cadres and these cadres are considered the core part of the community.

All those countries that utilize every possible way to train professional and academic personalities are developed and academically advanced so they enjoy prosperity and well-being.

The medical faculty of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) has got a standard and exceptional building, which is facilitated with essential medical services. SIHE is considered as the best institution in the eastern zone of Afghanistan.

It is worth mentioning, that SIHE has provided its students and citizens with an accomplished curative and teaching hospital (Spinghar Momand Curative and Teaching Hospital), which is also applied for the practical session of SIHE’s students and it is furnished with modern medical and therapeutic equipment and services.

SIHE’s Medical Faculty students have been eased with medical equipment, medical laboratories, medical research center, a computer lab, a library, security cameras, and classrooms that are equipped with LCD and projectors.

Eventually, I wish all the people of the country and especially the students of SIHE good luck and a bright future and success.


Dr. Muhammad Javed Haziq

Dean of MD Faculty