The Medical Technology faculty of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) is established and recognized by the ministry of higher education in 2010. All the teaching and administrative affairs of this faculty are led by the vice-chancellor of academic affairs and the dean of faculty.  It consists of three departments, a course coordinator, and eight committees.

SIHE’s Medical Technology Faculty students have been eased with medical equipment, medical laboratories, medical research center, a computer lab, a library, security cameras, and classrooms that are equipped with LCD and projectors.

It is worth mentioning, that we serve all male and female students by taking into consideration all the ethical, religious, professional, and academic rules and regulations.

The medical technology faculty of SIHE has provided and established a 5-year strategic plan through which all the teaching and administrative activities undergo. In addition to, the medical technology faculty has designed its teaching approach into credit system and follows all the rules offered by the ministry of higher education.