Director's Message

Health is the most essential blessing and the greatest wealth for human being.

The holy religion of Islam has paid special attention to human health and well-being in its pure orders. Hence, medicine is the most important and paramount profession in social science.

Spinghar Momand Teaching Hospital has also expanded the scope of its health services to such an extent in which therapeutic relief is achieved to every poor and needy person.

Considering the professional and specialized responsibility, we are trying our best to provide health services in such a way that none of our countrymen are obliged to travel abroad due to incurable diseases and their problem will be solved inside the country with the help of experienced specialists. A very good example is Dr. Shoghla Shinwary, Leading Specialist of Obstetrics and Gynecology at

Spinghar Momand Teaching Hospital. She has recently performed

"Trans Vaginal Hysterectomy" operation successfully.

Dr. Mustafa Zmarai, a well-known countrywide trainer specialist of all kinds of pediatric surgical operations. He comes to Spinghar Momand Teaching hospital every Friday night and serve the patients.

Spinghar Momand Teaching hospital provides health services 24/7 hours and does not charge a doctor's fee from 7:00 am to 7:00 pm (7) days of the week." Checkup is free".

As it is a teaching hospital, in addition to the daily visits of tens patients, hundreds of students of Spinghar institute of Higher Education visit the hospital every day for their practical training/ work and are trained by professional doctors.Every year after graduating from the medical faculty, a large number of students from other universities of the country go to Spinghar Momand Teaching Hospital to complete their internship period.

We are proud of the services of our dedicated team working in the healthcare sector and strive to ensure our trustworthy health care in accordance with all professional norms in this field.We wish you a healthy and prosperous life.

Thank you!

Dr. Asadullah Momand 

Director of Spinghar Momand Teaching Hospital