Fee Payment

Ø All students are required to pay the fee in the national currency (Afghanis).

Ø  All the students are asked to pay their fees within 1-5 dates of the new month.

Ø The old policy of punishment is canceled.

Ø If any student does not meet this policy, so he/she will not be allowed to join the class. 

Ø Students are asked to pay their fees earlier than the final test otherwise they won’t be let to join the final term exams.

Ø The Head of the Finance department has the authority to take away the students, who have not paid their fees, from the examination hall. The honorable lecturers are kindly requested to assist the finance during fee collection.

Ø If any students are suffering too much from the economic conditions then they can request to pay their fees by the 12th date of the new month.