Founder's Message

The most important addresses for the spiritual strength of human societies are the scientific and academic foundations that, in their presence, we can enable the educational capacity of our youth energy to compete regionally and internationally.

As the contemporary demands of the 21st century, all the educational approaches have been changed and every single relevant institution wants to be well-recognized by a healthy competitive platform.

Taking into consideration these important spiritual values, Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) strives to be one of the most acknowledged academic institutions in the country and the region.

We always try our best to make our every developing program a core part of the needs of the community and educational strategy.

As the communal demand and by having good relations with all the top public and private educational institutions across the globe, we can take advantage of these existing opportunities in order to apply for the best-quality higher education programs. Consequently, these programs can definitely impact in a positive way on the academic field.


 Ihsanullah Momand

Founder of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education