Dean Message

Since the science of oral cavities and teeth in Afghanistan is not comparable in a good position, in the year 2011 Spinghar Institute of Higher Education (SIHE) established Stomatology (DMD) Faculty to serve the nation and stable the country in the related field. The faculty of Stomatology has already provided a number of cadres to the society to serve the citizens and this chain is still ongoing.

I as the dean of the stomatology faculty promise that I will try my best to meet the rules and principles of the ministry of higher education in order to upraise the quality of higher education and acquire the conviction of the citizens. SIHE’s Stomatology faculty struggles to straighten up all the barriers regarding oral cavities and teeth and level out the country with the world.  

Eventually, I would like to request you all dear students to move forward for yourself and the country and resolve all the above-mentioned difficulties. You are kindly demanded to work hard toward a better country in the field of oral cavities and teeth.

With due respect,

Dr. Abdullah Rahmani

Dean of Stomatology Faculty.