Physical library

This policy has been made based on the following factors and objectives for the academic growth of the organization and for the good training of the students, capacity building, conducting rational research and study development.

v A student is obliged to have the student's card while entering to the library, otherwise he/she is not allowed to the library.

v In order to benefit from the library in a useful way, It is necessary to consider the following points:

o  To maintain a complete silence in the library environment.

o  Avoid food, drink and snacks. Study individually.

o  Group study method is done in a specific place “room"

o  Do not move library items from one place to another.

o  It is forbidden to use the telephone in the library.

o  Reading is prohibited while walking in the library hall.

o  Do not talk on the phone inside the library.

v The student can take the book up to one week depending on the need as a deposit

v A student cannot deposit two books at the same time.

v The books of which second edition is not available in the library, the student is not allowed to take out of the library.

v Scientific magazines are not allowed to be taken out of the library in the form of a deposit.

v If any person violates the principles of library fidelity and takes the prohibited book out of the library, the concerned person will be referred to the committee of discipline by the head of the library. The student is not allowed to enter the library until the committee has decided over his/her violation.

v The head of the library is obliged to check the book carefully while retrieving the book from the student to make sure that the book has no defects. On the contrary, the librarian is obliged to compensate the book.

v The receiver of the book, at the time of handing over the book to the library, is obliged to get the book registered in the list of the trustees into the hands of the head of the library.  Otherwise the depositor will be liable for the taken book.

v The trustee student is responsible for the delivery of the book. In this case, any excuse is not acceptable.

v The duration of the first book carried may be extended in case of serious need; but there will be a three-day break between them, during which time another person may need to that book.

v If the book is not returned to the library within the stipulated time, the person will be banned from the library for one month.

v Two days before the exams, all the students are obliged to hand over the carried books to the librarian.

v If a person keeps the said book with himself/herself for one month, when he brings back the book, the head of the library will punch the relevant book and for one semester, the librarian will not allow that student to take books from the library.

v If the book is lost from the concerned student, the librarian will charge a fine according to the daily price and the student will have to purchase the relevant book back from the bazaar which contains the bill.

v Students cannot spend their class time in the library. Unless either the classroom is empty or the teacher is not present in the classroom.

v In order to be assured, the student is obliged to show his/her books to the librarian.

v Students are not allowed to enter the library in bulk or in any way disturb the environment and the person in charge of the library.

v Students can have their own laptop computers or white sheets with themselves for retrieving information from the library.

v Violation of the library's principles is considered disciplinary violations.