Research Center

Spinghar Research Center was opened

The Spinghar Research Center was officially opened at the base of the Spinghar Institute of Higher Education.

In the opening ceremony of the said center, the founder of the institute, Engineer Ehsanullah Momand, expressed his happiness that the institute's teachers and students have been provided with a standard research center.

Mr. Momand said: "Establishing a research center was one of our major goals, and fortunately we achieved this goal. It was necessary to have this center for scientific competition and to increase scientific capacity, so we have fulfilled our commitment and with a professional team, we were able to create a standard research center.

In the continuation of his speech, he promised that in the near future, he will enrich the said center more in terms of equipment.

The head of the institute, Dr. Muhammad Ishaq Safi, called the equipped laboratory research center necessary for medical research and expressed his happiness that according to the desire, the research center was given to the teachers and students of the institute.

Mr. Safi encouraged the professors of the institute to use this center to conduct research for the benefit of the country and humanity.

He added that along with the teachers and students of Spinghar, all those citizens who want to conduct research, the Spinghar Research Center is located in services.

The leadership of Spinghar Institute of Higher Education is confident that medical education is standardized based on research and according to the demand of the current era, there should be an active research center so that teachers and students can conduct new research.

The said center was officially handed over to use by the leadership, teachers and administrative staff of the institute, where the institute's professors, students and other professionals interested in the community will conduct research.