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Spinghar University Rules

SPINGHAR University Rules

Students' suspension(ejection) policy

Item 1:

There are two kinds of suspension;

1. Temporary suspension (ejection): at temporary suspension a student is eligible to restart his/her education at the same semester after one year leave.

2. Permanent suspension: at permanent suspension (ejection) a student is not allowed to come to the institute and continue his/her education

Item 2:

Students will be considered as fail students and will be faced temporary suspension (ejection) in the following conditions:

1. If he/she is excluded or deprived from the final examination by not completing 75 % presence in teaching hours.

2. In case of achieving less than 50 % marks from the total credit hours of the semester.

3. If a student gets failed in second chance exam in a particular subject.

4. If a student is absent at all subjects of the semester.

5. If a student is giving the examination instead of other student, both will be considered failed students.

6. If they are faced this situation by the discipline and system's bill.

Item 3:

Failed students of whole semester will be on leave for one year until next semester starts.

Item 4:

1. If a student by his own interest is willing to leave off the institute, and discontinue his learning process, and suspension application has been finalized

2. If a student has not passed a class in two ears due to any reason.

3. If a student could not complete the percentage of a semester in two continuous semester.

4. If a student is faced this situation by the rules of bill of discipline.

5. If a student applies for third chance examination for any subject and still cannot achieve required marks of his success

6. If a student is not able to complete six years learning period in eight years.

7. If a new student does not register his name to continue his education after three weeks from the examination's results

8. If a student is transferred to another institute.

Student agreement form, student's promise

Each student is required to follow the following items:.

1. Dignity and respect to the principles of holly religion of Islam

2. To follow the national constitution laws and other accepted laws of the country.

3. To accept and follow the bills, rules, regulation and policies of the higher education.

4. To respect the authorities, chancellor, lecturers (professors) and, all other personnel of the institute.

5. To respect the freedom of speech or voice in accordance with the accepted standards of Islam

6. To have well academic relationships and mutual dignity and respect with his/her classmates and other students of the institute

7. To undertake good coordination and discipline inside the class and institute.


8. To support the administration to keep the university and classrooms clean.

9. To avoid unethical and disrespectable behaviors, deeds, and actions.

10. To avoid all kind ant-human distracting actions and deeds.

11. To avoid and be away of every kind of drug (drunkenness).

12. To avoid all kind ethic, language, and regional prejudices.

13. To avoid wearing unsuitable clothes and dress which are not the culture and tradition of Afghan society?

14. Students are not allowed to do make-up inside the institute and campus.

15. To avoid loitering or wasting time during formal time.

16. To avoid political activities and any other kind of grouping inside the university

17. To avoid all bad and violence creating activities that causes conflict and enmity in institute.

18. To spend efforts in the protection of university equipment, andbloom.

Student agreement (promise)

Mr. ( ) s/or D/of ( ) department of ( ) Student of ( ) faculty,

I agree to take in count the above mentioned items during my learning time in the university, in case of disobeying these items I agree to accept any punishment given by the university authority.

With best regards

Student's name: Student's guardian' name and signature

Student Identification

Please enter the desired student ID and press Validity.

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